Hommage Speakers

The Hommage speakers use the best electrostatic cells and the best audio transformer ever designed. The prolific inventor Michael Wright (3 clicks: letter to Michael, list of inventions, exhibition 6 paintings) had developed them in 1970 for the sound system of an IMAX cinema capable of an incredible sound level of 110 dB at 30 m. So, no problem even at 5 meters. These cells are meticulously refurbished and reassembled according to a never-before-seen configuration. The four Hommage models are identical except for the Audio Focus listening distance and the number of cells.

Forget crossover filters, internal cabinet resonance, unreal soundstage, vague spatialization, thin tonality, dynamic compression, significant moving mass, interaction with the listening room, and just imagine the energy of all the cells concentrated at a single listening point.

First innovation: Audio Focus

The sound waves coming from the bottom and top of a conventional flat panel are always considerably delayed compared to those from the center. The listener must reconstruct a coherent signal The Hommage speakers follow the perfect curve of the temporal convergence point of the waves, the predefined focus point where all cells arrive together to the millisecond. No energy loss and no effort to reconstruct the original signal in all its harmonic complexity. The Hommage can contain 7, 9, or 10 cells aligned for an Audio focus of 3, 4, and 5 meters. Hence the names 7.3, 9.3, 9.4, and 10.5

Second innovation, the Point Source

Ideally, for a perfect reconstruction of the soundstage, the emission point had to be as small as possible. This is how the human hearing mechanism works. Even when perfectly aligned in time, the 7, 9, or 10 cells produce too many mid frequencies and too many distinct emission points. After thousands of hours of research, we have solved these two problems. The number of cells must be odd, and one of the cells must be wideband (40-18k). It is this cell that provides all the information for spatialization. The others have very little information beyond 2.5k. Thus, the tonal balance becomes natural, and the listener uses only the signal from the wideband cell to reconstruct the soundstage. The effect is astonishing.

Super Tweeter

The Hommage uses a Mundorf bipolar super tweeter (16k-35k) for perfect symmetry of direct and reflected waves. Housed in a machined flute, it is filtered by the famous Mundorf pure silver capacitor, and the level is adjustable in 3 positions.

Polarization and audio transformer

If a magnet is the engine of a conventional speaker, here the engine is the electrostatic field. The circuit developed by Michel Van Den Broeck is 200 times quieter and much more powerful than that of the famous Dayton Wright XG-10 speakers. Each speaker has its own 6 kV high-voltage circuit encapsulated in beeswax to control micro-vibrations. The audio transformer developed by none other than Mr. Hammond himself remains unmatched for its power handling and low distortion.

Vibration control

The massive 75 kg frame is made of a 46mm sandwich of felt, plywood, steel, cork, and lacquered wood. Since it is a dipole speaker, there can be no internal resonance because the back is totally open to sound waves. It is fully damped, and finely calibrated anti-vibration resonators by Modulum Audio are included in the base.

Speaker cable

Included Each Hommage speaker comes with 45 cm of the famous Fidelium ribbon cables from Silversmith Audio to connect the amplifier to the high-voltage supply. A 2.5 m high-voltage cable connects the Hommage.

Contemporary design

The sleek and refined design by Patrice Guillemin from Triplan Studio blends into any decor. The lacquered finish, color of choice, and even solid wood are also available for an additional charge depending on the species.

Custom design — Limited edition

Only a dozen Hommages will be produced due to the rarity of the original electrostatic cells still available. Made to order with 7, 9, or 10 cells for passionate audiophiles. The price ranges from $58,000 to $78,000 per pair, delivered and installed in Quebec.


Hommage7.3, 9.3, 9.4, 10.5
Audio focus3, 4 ou 5 mètres
Surface émissive par enceinte (cm2) 11 000 à 15000
Cellule « pointe source » 40-15K1
Cellule tonales ( 40-2,5k)6, 8 ou 9
Super tweeter adjustable 15k-35k1
Alimentation ( 31 kg ) 18, 18, 46 cm
Base ModulumOui
Câble Haut voltage2.5 m
Câble HP Fidelium45 cm
Poids par enceinte70 à 100 kg
Base (cm)53 x 53
Hauteur (cm) 150 à 205
Finition piano, couleur au choixOui
Bois naturel en option avec supplément Oui
Prix48 000$ à 78 000$